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Selected Publications and Presentations

Sanchez, D.V.P., Sustainability and Sensors Illinois Institute of Technology Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering Graduate Seminar Chicago, IL January, 2018

Sanchez,D.V.P., Huynh, P.,Kozlov, M., Baughman, R.H.,Vidic, R.D., Yun,M.I., Carbon Nanotube/Platinum (Pt) Sheet as an Improved Cathode for Microbial Fuel Cells, Energy and Fuels, 2010, 24 (11), 5897-5902 DOI: 10.1021/ef100825h 


Sanchez, D.V.P., Smarter Riversheds: sensing to identify water quality trends in real-time Carnegie Mellon University Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Seminar Pittsburgh PA October, 2017


Mena, I.B., Sanchez, D.V.P., Student Perceptions of Experiences with Academic Dishonesty at the Start and End of the First Year of Engineering Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics August 2018 (submitted).


Nguyen, X., Sanchez,D.V.P. et al Diffusion-Limited Reduction of Organometallic compound on Carbon Nanofiber Mat for Catalytic Applications, J. Mater. Chem., 2010, 20, 5468 – 5473, DOI: 10.1039/c000654h


Park, H.I., Sanchez,D.P., Cho, S.K., Yun, M., Bacterial communities based on Pt-deposited electrodes using electron-beam deposition in mediator-less microbial fuel cell, Environmental Science and Technology  (2008), 42(16), 6243-6249.


Gorman, C., Sanchez, D.V.P., Analysis of historical water quality data for determination of real-time sensor locations Society of Environmental Journalism Pittsburgh PA October, 2017


Zappitelli, J., Garcia, A., McEneaney, K.M., Sanchez, D.V.P.,Evaluation of Supervised Learning to Identify Trends in Pittsburgh River Water Quality International PIANC Smart Rivers Conference  Pittsburgh PA September 2017


Leatherow, T, Sanchez, D.V.P., The Supply Chain: A Systems-Based Approach to Sustainability

Academy of Business Research Conference in San Antonio, Texas November 1-3, 2017 (BEST PAPER AWARD)


Mena, I.B., Sanchez, D.V.P., Perceptions of Academic Integrity of Students in a First-Year Engineering Program American Society of Engineering Education Columbus OH June 2017.


Schmidt, D.E., Sanchez, D.V.P., Dickerson, S.J., 2017, Increasing Student Engagement and Motivation by Replacing Homework with Assignment-Quizzes American Society of Engineering Education Columbus OH June 2017.


Klonicki, E.F., Sanchez,D.V.P., Evaluation of low-cost carbon-felt based microbial fuel cells with undiluted manure for remote charging applications Engineering Sustainability: The Triple Bottom Line Pittsburgh PA April 2017


Miller, Z.W., Levine, K.M., Sanchez,D.V.P., Off-flavor Degradation in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Through Electrochemical Production of Hydroxyl Radicals Engineering Sustainability: The Triple Bottom Line Pittsburgh PA April 2017


Sanchez,D.V.P., Harnessing Electricity from Biofilms to create Sustainable Technologies, Carnegie Science Center Café Scientifique March 13, 2017


Liu, P, Huang, J., Sanchez,D.V.P., Schwartzmann, D., Lee, S.I., Yun, M.I.,  High Yield Two-dimensional (2-D) Polyaniline Layer and Its Application in Detection of B-type Natriuretic Peptide in Human Serum, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2016, 230, 184-190   doi:10.1016/j.snb.2016.02.051


Arjmand, S., Sanchez,D.V.P., Budny, D. Comparison of Students’ Outcome to Different Types of International Project Based Service Learning Projects for CEE Senior Design, ASEE Annual Conference, June 2016


Kerzmann, T., Sanchez, D.V.P., Walker, J., 2016, Energy and Engineering Outreach for High School and Middle School Students and Teachers American Society of Engineering Education New Orleans LA June 2016.


Dickerson, S.J., Jacobs, S.P., Garcia A.M., Sanchez, David V.P., Joint Assessment and Evaluation of Senior Design Projects by Faculty and Industry, Frontiers In Education, 2016


Kerzmann, T., Sanchez, D., Bach, J., Walker, J., 2015, “Energy Week: Outreach Events Geared Toward High School and Middle School Students,” ASEE Middle Atlantic Conference 2015. Conference Presentation.


Sanchez,D.V.P., Jacobs, D.L., Huang, J. Vidic, R.D., Yun, M.I.,  Changes in Carbon Electrode Morphology Affect Microbial Fuel Cell Performance with Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1,  Energies 2015, 8, (3), 1817-1829


Arjmand, S., Sanchez,D.V.P., Budny, D. Adding an International Senior Design Component into the Civil Curriculum, ASEE Annual Conference, June 2015


Sanchez,D.V.P., Vidic, R.D., Yun,M.I.,  The Impact of Graphene-Nanoplatelet Morphology on Biofilm-Anode Performance (In review) Journal of Microbiology and Technology


Dai, J., Guo, D., Zou, F., Sanchez,D.V.P., Fabricating a Sustainable Electrode for Microbial Fuel Cells using Bamboo Charcoal and Polyaniline  Engineering Sustainability: The Triple Bottom Line Pittsburgh PA April 2015